Rugby Asia Rugby Webinar on Concussion Management –

Asia Rugby Webinar on Concussion Management –

On Wednesday 23rd September Asia Rugby will be hosting an online webinar on the Asia Rugby Facebook page. The session will open to everyone and it will be a friendly, interactive Q & A on Concussion Management. This is part of Asia Rugby’s wider efforts to run Training and Education and Growing the Game courses online.

Webinar on Concussion Management
Event Link:
  Event Link 
Date: Wednesday 23rd September
Time : 3 pm  (+8)  HK time
Via: Facebook Live
Invite:  Open to All

The Course will be run by 3 experienced World Rugby Trainers with medical and rugby backgrounds.

Asia Rugby Webinar on Concussion Management hosts :

Concussion Management

Lucy Clarke is Head of Player Welfare & Medical at HKRU. With a background in emergency nursing and medical education, Lucy has over 20 years of experience in pitchside care at all levels of the game. She currently leads the AR Concussion Working Group which aims to ensure everyone involved in rugby is kept informed and updated with best practice in the recognition and management of concussion.

Wazien Wafa is an emergency medicine registrar and a World Rugby Medical Trainer. He is also head of Sports Science for the Football Association of Selangor and coordinator of Training and Education (Medical) for Malaysia Rugby Union. He has almost 6 years of pitchside experience locally and around Asia.

Merianne Selvaraj is a trained nurse with 15 years of experience in the field.  She is a certified instructor for various local and international Pre-Hospital Trauma courses and