Rugby Shifting Tides For US Players Overseas –

Shifting Tides For US Players Overseas –

There seems to be a small migration of USA players from professional teams overseas back to the USA.

The move makes sense for some. With Major League Rugby still in its infancy, but expanding, a top-flight USA player can get paid to play rugby in his home country, would be much more likely to garner playing time, and would have a much easier time grabbing as additional job or starting a business. The same goes for the player’s spouse or partner; she could be working too.

So it is that Ben Landry is back in the USA with New England, Tevita David Tameilau has left Glasgow for San Diego, and Mikey Sosene-Feagai moved from Auckland in New Zealand to Old Glory in DC.  Christian Osterberg has left Aurillac after four years there, and is expected to come back to the USA. Bryce Campbell has left London Irish.

Some of the players who have stayed overseas are USA-qualified but were born outside the US, or at least grew up overseas. Marcel Brache has been a bright spot for the Western Force in Super Rugby AU.

James Hilterbrand remains a key play for Manly in Sydney, New South Wales. Tony Lamborn, who, like Hilterbrand has retired from international duty, is now with the Blues in Auckland,