Football Premier League copy LaLiga timetable –

Premier League copy LaLiga timetable –

Premier League Football throughout the day in England

In one of the few pieces of good news to come out of the coronavirus crisis and in an attempt to lift public morale with the lack of fans in English football grounds, the Premier League has taken the decision to televise all football in the country.

The Premier League and its member clubs decided this week that the competition will return on June 17 with two previously postponed games to allow those teams to catch up, and then Matchday 30 will commence on June 19.

The good news for fans is that 29 of the remaining 92 games will be broadcast for free, which is an unprecedented decision in England.

Sky Sports will broadcast 25 of the free games, while the BBC will cover England’s top-flight for the first time since the 1987/88 season, showing four matches.

The 92 games will be split between Sky Sports, BT Sports, the BBC, Amazon Prime who have a small package of matches and in Spain will be exclusively show on DAZN.

The league has staggered the games in such a way that at weekends there will be football practically all-day long.

This breaks the traditional football timetable in England which usually consists of one game at midday, followed by a group of matches just after lunchtime which were not televised to incentivise fans to attend matches, and then one more game later in the evening.

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